Epistolary Novels

Epistolary novels are like horse-drawn carriages, quaint, or in hipster-speak, vintage. The art of letter writing in cursive writing is like deciphering ancient cave drawings. Yet the hesitations, misspellings, cross outs and grammar missteps are intimate if not immediate. An old box of letters of a teenager to her estranged father illustrates this perfectly.  Take a look at the excerpts of Eleanor’s Letters and share your thoughts about what really is broke.

November 11, 1948

Dear Daddy,

I tried and tried to call you on the phone, but I never get you. So I ‘m writing to you to tell you that my cross is broke. I wanted you to come over and fix it I am going to make a picture of it and show you what’s broke. The hook on top is broke. It opened up and fell off the chain. I was lucky I was in the house when it broke or I would have lost it.

And another thing that is broke is the little radio in the kitchen. And another radio that’s broke is the one in the living room because it doesn’t even play. And mine doesn’t work either. I hope you come over and see the radios and my cross most of all. I am writing this letter with the pen you gave me. Well now it’s time to say good bye, so don’t forget to come.


Your daughter,





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  1. Poor thing, her heart is broken!


  2. Oh! I can feel the little girl’s heart longing to see her dad.


  3. It’s amazing how much you can learn about a relationship with just a few words.


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