Lies and the pen…

I was going through an old journal and came across this passage I copied below. I once wrote a humorous short story that was published in an anthology that conveyed how I learned to lie and cheat in Catholic grammar school. The irony received good a few laughs. But the passage below speaks to a bigger truth for writers.

“Ironically in our quest for verities we must often lie. Ask the successful liar what her main ingredient is and she will probably¬†tell you that you must believe the lie you are telling. Lying like life is in the details.¬† . What really happened is irrelevant. You must look at your life as almost a great patchwork….

…fiction is a record of that conflagration that occurs when reality collides with imagination.”

Susan Fromberg Schaeffer

I believe creative nonfiction allows this synergy to occur. It is not hypocrisy or “alternative facts” in a black and white world. It is a story-telling at its highest form.

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